I keep saying this to people “comparing yourself to others can be disastrous” ... Thankfully, today I have found a perfect picture to explain it. We are all DIFFERENT and so are our circumstances. A cow is big...bigger than the fish obviously, hence it might assume that it can as well do what the “smaller” … Continue reading THE COW AND THE FISH!

You Are In Competition With Nobody

They that said that life is a race failed to add that it is a personal race...and not a competition. You need to be SUCCESSFUL, yes... You need to make it in life and live comfortably, another resounding YES. But did you know that you are not doing that against anyone? Did you know that … Continue reading You Are In Competition With Nobody

“WHAT IF…he was a woman trapped in a male body?”

Image source "What nonsense are you trying to preach? That God made a mistake in creating him a man?", she asked, looking at me furiously. "Nope. It was just a thought going through my wondering mind", i answered, moving my head backwards in fear. At that point I was only hoping that her furious … Continue reading “WHAT IF…he was a woman trapped in a male body?”